Sunday, 28 October 2018

Questions with no answers

The more we know the more curious we become. From our childhood, we are asking questions to our elders, teachers and seniors. This is our normal nature to become curious about what we see, what we learn, what we hear.
We have been taught with various questions with their answers in school, college or any other classes. But today I will tell you about 10 such Questions with no answers

Questions with no answers

1. What is a dream?
Questions with no answers

There are several theories made on the reason of dreams.

  •  it may represent our unfulfilled desires and wishes.
  •  it may be a process of psychotherapy of our brain.
  •  processing of the information stored during the day time.

But the real reason is still unknown.

2. Is universe is finite or infinite?

The astronomers have not given a final answer about the universe and its length.
Some say that we will never know in the future whether the universe is infinite or finite.

3. Why there is an exception in every rule?

We have seen that there is an exception in every rule. But if it is true, then there must be something which does not follow the rule that 'there is an exception in every rule.'

4. Why is future unknowable?

Somehow if we able to know our future, then it will be the biggest achievement of human civilization. But it is impossible, since after knowing the future we wit be able to manipulate it. Which will question our ability to know the future.
Or it may another dimension which is beyond our reach.

5. What do we use to dilute water?

Since water is the most common available solvent. So dilution basically refers the mixing of water. But we can dilute water? We may say we can make it impure by adding some other liquids.

6. Are we really alone in the universe?

There are various stories one can find on the internet about alien abduction or alien seeing. But no one can correctly answer whether we are alone or not.

7. How does gravity work?

Gravity is basically an attractive force. But no one exactly knows the reason behind its existence, and no one can deny its existence. It is described by the theory of relativity that it exists due to the uneven distribution of the mass of the earth.

8. What came first an egg or a chicken?

Though there are many beliefs regarding this matter. Some say that egg comes first others says the chicken. But the majorly accepted is that both are excited in equal time. There is no before or after. It's just like in a cyclic manner. There is no first.

9. What happens when we die?
It's one of the most asked questions in human history. We all want to know what happens to our body and mind and thought after the death. Different religions have different thoughts on after death. But still, science is unable to answer this question.

10. Is time travel possible?

In science, the time is called the 4th dimension. Albert Einstein said that space and time are interrelated to each other, which is why is known as space-time. According to the theory of relativity, it is possible. But one can go only in future and then it will be impossible to come back. It's one way. The speed of the object for time travelling must be more than the speed of light. So let's see in future if any invention occurs or not. Now it is not possible to answer it is possible or not.

Final words
So, guys these are some of the Questions with no answers. I hope You find Our Article helpful for you, please do share and comment your thought about this. Please let us know if have some Question with no answers. Thank You!

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