Monday, 1 October 2018

Facebook is giving your phone number for advertisement

Facebook is giving your phone number for advertisement: Social Media Company Facebook acknowledged that it uses its users' mobile number. According to media reports, the number of users who update on their Facebook ID in terms of security is being used for Facebook advertising targets.
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 According to TechCrunch's report, a Facebook spokesman said, "We use people's information on Facebook to give them a better way of advertising and to give a great experience." 

In fact, during the two-factor authentication, users are asked for their number to secure their account more secure. This is the second layer of authentication, for which the company uses the number provided for the ad. 

The Facebook spokesman said, "We are completely clear that the information we collect including the phone number, how do we use it." They said that users can control or delete information uploaded at any time. 

Explain that after reporting by Gizmodo, Facebook confirmed that it uses the phone numbers of the users for the advertisement targets. In his report, Gizmodo mentioned two American universities who found in their research work that the social networking company uses the personal data of users that they have not given to the purpose of ad targeting. After this fact came to light, Facebook confirmed this fact and it confirmed this fact.

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