Wednesday, 19 September 2018

why india ranks among the top 3 countries in ai skills

The reason behind India's ranking among the top 3 countries in artificial intelligence skills

India's name has been mentioned in the top three countries of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Skills. In this area, India is number one after the US and China. After India, Israel and Germany are number one. According to the report of the Professional Networking Site LinkedIn, artificial intelligence is being used in the field of work in all these countries. According to the data released on this Monday, professional use of artificial intelligence has increased tremendously in these countries. In India, in 2017, the number of Artificial Intelligence members has seen an increase of 190% in comparison to 2015.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

If AI is defined as Artificial Intelligence, then we can say that transforming human intelligence into machine intelligence. With the help of artificial intelligence, human understanding is developing in machines. In the last few years, many companies, especially Google and Microsoft, have started a lot of work in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Computing power is being increased from Artificial Intelligence.
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Many people also believe that unemployment can increase due to artificial intelligence. A few days ago the United Nations gave a big statement, saying that artificial intelligence is not a threat to unemployment. Eckhard Ernst of the United Nations (UN) expert said, "The matter is more than a change in the nature of work rather than the job opportunities. There will be new types of work in front of the staff of these areas, which will be computer and robots to help them.
Because of the AI algorithm, such things can be easily done, which are continuously on the same path and take a lot of time. Man will be able to work on refining interpersonal relationships, social work and emotional qualities. Agriculture sector will be the biggest beneficiary in developing countries.

Because of this, India's dominance in the area of AI

India is the world's fastest growing economy at the moment. At the same time, in the field of technology, India is moving step by step with the top countries of the world. The Central Government Policy Commission is also emphasizing Artificial Intelligence. Focusing on Artificial Intelligence in the field of Healthcare, Agriculture, Education, Smart City and Infrastructure.

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