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Amazing black hole facts 2018: Matter falling into a black hole at 30 percent of the speed of light

Black hole facts:  Hi, guys if you are looking for amazing black holes facts so, here is the article about black hole facts. Black holes are objects with strong gravity areas that not even allow light to travels quickly enough to escape their grip, so the description is 'black'. They are extremely important in astronomy because they provide the most effective way of extracting energy from the substance. As a direct result, the decline in gas - growth - black hole should give strength to the most energetic phenomena in the universe.

The most interesting thing about the black hole facts is that the centre of almost every galaxy - like our own galaxy - has a so-called supermassive black hole, in which millions to billions of our Sun's mass. With enough substance falling in the hole, it can be extremely bright and is seen as a quasar or active galactic nucleus (AGN). According to some black hole facts that the black holes are so compact that the gas almost always revolves much to fall. Instead, it places the hole in the class, gradually coming through a growth disk - a sequence of circular orbital curves. Inside the gas spiral, it moves fast and fast and becomes warm and shiny, which turns gravitational energy into radiation, which inspects astronomers.
Amazing black hole facts 2018

New black hole facts 2018

The orbit of gas around the black hole is often considered to be an alliance with the rotation of black holes, but there is no mandatory reason for this matter. In fact, the reason for our summer and winter is that the daily rotation of the Earth does not run around the Sun with its annual orbit.

So far, it is unclear how the disturbance rotation can affect the collapse of the gas. This is especially relevant for feeding supermassive black holes because the substances (interstellar gas clouds or even different stars) can fall from any direction.

Using data from XMM-Newton, Pro. Pound and his colleagues observed the X-ray spectra (where X-rays spread by wavelength) from the galaxy PG 211 + 143. This object is more than one billion light-years away in the direction of the coma bareness, and it is a safe galaxy, characterized by very bright AGN, resulting in the presence of a large black hole.

Researchers found the spectra to be red-moved strongly, in which the case was seen showing the speed of 30 per cent of the speed of light or falling in the black hole at a speed of 100,000 kilometres per second. There is almost no rotation in the gas around the hole, and it is found very closely in the celestial words, at a distance of about 20 times, its area horizon, the boundary of the area, where it is now not possible to save).

Overview Theoretical work, simulating the 'tearing' of incorrectly signed expression discs, in Leicester and using the UK's Dirac Supercomputer feature. This work has shown that gas rings can break with each other and collide, can cancel their rotation and leave the gas directly to fall to the black hole.

Professor Pound of Leicester's Department of Physics and Astrophysics said: "The galaxy we see with XMM-Newton has a 40 million solar mass black hole, which is very bright and clearly fed properly. In fact, some 15 years First we have discovered a powerful wind that the hole was being fed more. While such winds are now found in many active galaxies, PG 1211 + 143 now has a direct hole With the identification of falling substances, another 'first' has been created. "

He goes on: "We were able to follow the inclination of the size of the material for approximately one day because it was pulled towards the black hole so that the third part of the velocity of light increased before swallowing the hole. "

Another implication of the new research is that the 'chaotic gradual addition' from the disk is likely to be common for supermassive black holes. These types of black holes then move slowly, and are able to accept more gas and are generally believed to be able to grow faster than their people believe faster, the early universe An explanation was provided to get black holes made at a very large scale quickly.

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